Join Our Club

We are actively seeking new members to join our club so we can continue to deliver a great riding experience for anyone that chooses to ride on our trail system. Belonging to a club also provides an opportunity to meet other people with the same interest. We have dozens of events throughout the year, which allows you meet others and become involved in the expansion and growth of the club. The CLSC club’s success is contributed to its members and landowners. Without active hard working members and very gracious landowners the trail system would cease to exist.

Download Our Membership Application

Our goal is to continue to grow the club each year so we can strengthen our affiliation with the NYSSA (New York Snow State Snowmobile Association). The NYSSA represents the rights of all snowmobilers, protects the trail system and snowmobiling in general for future generations. With our club expanding each year we are also able to make improvements like creating and widening trails, purchasing signs, groomers and other investments to make the trail system safe and enjoyable. 

Join Online Or By Mail

You can join our club online with a credit card via the NYSSA website links below and receive your voucher immediately or via snail mail by mailing in the application above. If you would like to register through the NYSSA you will not have the ability to buy clubhouse keys or join our trail bonus program during the checkout process. Due to changes in NYS you can no longer join a club at the same time you register your sled and must have voucher in hand when registering. We do encourage everyone to sign up as early as possible so we can get the money into the trails to help pay for gas and maintenance on equipment.

Existing Members: Print Vouchers Or Renew Club Membership
New Members: Join Our Club Online via NYSSA website

We ask that you join our club and the NYSSA as soon as possible and wait to register your sled with NYS as noted below.

If you register online through the NYSSA and want to order items such as clubhouse keys, trail bonus card or donate to our groomer fund; you will have to mail in an application specifying these items only. Just put a note on the application that you already registered for the club through the NYSSA website and include your membership #.

Save Money On Your Registration

To maximize the money going into our trail fund we ask that you register your sled AFTER Oct 1st using the DMV in Mayville.
The NYSSA trail system operates on a sled registration structure. There is no trail pass required, but all New York State residents and non-residents must register their sleds in New York to ride in New York. Registration is $100 per year through the Department of Motor Vehicles. However, if you join a New York State Snowmobile Association Member Club like ours you will receive the discounted rate of $45 for each sled you register. 

Once you have joined our club you will receive a voucher to return with your registration application to receive the discounted registration price. By having one membership you will save $55 for each sled you register in your name, so the more sleds you have the more you can save with a family membership! Another benefit of joining a club rather than paying the full $100 to the DMV is that you know your money is going where you ride. This money goes directly into the trail you ride on rather than a general fund that may be dispersed all over New York. The bottom line is that if you ride in Chautauqua county, join a Chautauqua county club!

What Do I Get For My Membership?

By joining our club not only will you receive a discount on your snowmobile registration and membership status to our club you will also receive a basic membership to the NYSSA like ALL of our club members. The NYSSA membership includes an online magazine as well as discounts on car rentals, insurance and more! Most importantly the NYSSA membership makes you part of a larger group working toward the improvement and protection of our sport.

Below are the items you will receive with your membership packet, although the trail map will arrive separately. We also offer additional benefits to Bonus Program Card holders by giving you discounts to local business should you decide to join our Trail Bonus Program.

Included ItemsActivities Card
2 Stickers For Sleds
Newsletter Subscription
Basic NYSSA Membership
Registration Discount Voucher
High Gloss Chautauqua County Trail Map ($10 Value)
Optional Items
Extra Trail Maps: $8 Each
3×6 Club Stickers: $3 Each
Clubhouse RFID Key: $5 Each**
Gold Card Bonus Program 10% Off: $50*
Platinum Card Bonus Program 15% Off: $100*

*See Trail Bonus Page For Details

**We use a RFID key system in our clubhouse and you will have access during snowmobile season as long as your are an active member.