Trails are closed at this time due to no base, message will update if conditions change and we can open the trails again.

TRAILS CLOSED – Warm Weather/Rain

Warm weather and rain are coming for the next two days. Trails will be closed for the time being until we can see how much base is left after the warmup.

TRAILS OPEN – Conditions Getting Worse

Trails are open, conditions are still ok but warm weather and more warm weather on Friday 2/11 will start to open up some water. Still cold in the forecast so cross your fingers we retain the good base.

TRAILS OPEN – Conditions Marginal

Chautauqua lake snowmobile trails are now open. Please use caution, there is a lot of water under the snow which could bog your sled down, do not ride alone, snowmobiles will pack the snow down and we will resume grooming Friday night. We want to be your club, join CLSC